Ideas and Recipes for an Easy Vegan Thanksgiving

Are you lost in the dark about a vegan Thanksgiving?  We’ve got your back! This easy guide is just the beginning of what a turkey-friendly table can look like. In this article are several links to not only show you what to eat, but how to prepare dishes using simple recipes. Feeling extra creative? Get started experimenting early, …

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Staying Fire Safe: Making a Plan for your Animal Companions

My phone rang at midnight. The Sheriff’s Department mandated I evacuate due to a nearby fire. Terrified, I fled to my parents with my daughter, dogs, cat, important documents, and some clothes. The fire moved in the opposite direction and leveled 13 homes.  That was in October 2017. For years, the California fire season occurred …

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End Live Animal Markets

Prevent Future Pandemics: End Cruel and Dangerous Live Animal Markets We need your help! Urge legislators to pass S.4749 by Senator Cornyn and co-sponsor Senator Booker- the Preventing Future Pandemics Act now! This bill will ban live animal markets in the United States and help prevent future pandemics. You may have never heard of a …

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Rodeos: Myths vs Facts

Rodeos are often portrayed as harmless summer fun. To many, they seem like an exciting place to spend a summer night. After all, animals aren’t physically harmed- right? You may be surprised to learn of the suffering that animals endure at rodeo events across the U.S. If you love animals and don’t want to harm …

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