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From cages to freedom

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500 hens are free!

Early this morning, a team of five Animal Place staff members headed to a California egg farm to save the lives of 500 hens.

These hens have lived inside barren, metal wire cages for 3.5 years, the oldest hens we have rescued from battery cage facilities. Normally, egg farms kill the birds when they are 1-2 years of age, as their egg production declines slightly. They are replaced by younger birds and the cycle continues. Because of California legislation, this farm has to transition to a cage-free facility. They kept their caged birds for nearly 3.5 years instead of killing them.

Around 2,200 of the birds will be killed over the next 2-4 weeks. We will work to save as many as we can, starting with this 500 who are all safe at our Rescue & Adoption Center (RAC) in Petaluma, CA.

Thanks to the support of 174 donors last November, the first two weeks of care for these hens has already been funded! They will be health-checked tomorrow and receive all appropriate medical and supportive care. After their two week quarantine, they will be available for adoption into retirement homes where they will be treated like queens. If you live in the Bay Area, Sacramento, or Grass Valley areas and are interested in adopting, fill out our adoption form to get started.

<—- The team who made it all happen! From left, Alli (caregiver), Lee (RAC animal care manager), Hannah (animal care director), Chelsea (content creator), and Kelcie (program director).



5 Responses so far.

  1. So happy to hear of places that are kind to animals! What a disgrace that human beings can be do cruel to innocent animals!! Thank you!!???

  2. Magda says:

    Hello, thanks for being out there to rescue the hens, the world needs more people like you, thanks 🙂

  3. Lynn Costa says:

    Rescued 15 hens last year. Would like 5 more. Filled out app but no ones gotten back to me. Help?