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Meet Summer

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Birth: 5/25/2009
Arrival 5/31/2009


Born on a dairy farm, Summer was a disappointment to farmers using cows for milk. As a male he would never produce milk, so would never garner them a profit. The farmer sent Summer, along with fifty other calves, to a local “livestock” auction.

Summer was purchased by an animal rescuer for $5, along with his brother-from-another-mother Freedom (since passed away) for $3. Initially, we believed both would need to be euthanized because of how ill and malnourished they were.

We were happy to be wrong! While Summer needed a lot of TLC and veterinary care to offset what the dairy industry did to him, he is now thriving. Summer is aloof with many humans, although he will allow a select few to scratch by his tail. He is friends with Nicholas, another individual rescued from the dairy industry.

You can help animals like Summer by saying no to dairy. Whether calves are shipped off to be used as veal, bought at auction and raised to be used as beef, or summarily slaughtered for not producing milk, the dairy industry is the slaughter industry.